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How to flash iPhone 3u tools?

3u tools How to flash iPhone?

How to flash iPhone the right way and how to download the flashing program 3 u tools 2022.3uTools is the best iPhone management software after iTunes, maybe it is far better than it, given the things it offers that exceed what the company’s program offers.

How to flash iPhone 3u tools?

What are 3u tools?

It is a special program for iPhone, specifically for managing the phone in all its versions, whether or not A phone, an iPad,or any other iPhone product, with which you can do many operations are for these phones in addition to flashing and updating.

What are the additional features of 3u tools?

The program contains many additional features in addition to the fact that it flashes We list the most important ones for phones:
  1. Backup data such as photos, videos, and contacts.
  2. Find out phone data in detail through idevice.
  3. Jailbreaking is possible.
  4. The ability to install games and applications on the phone through APPS.
  5. Backup and restore with Toolbox.
  6. Manage ringtones, music, videos, and photos.
  7. Complete instructions for using the program Tutorials are included with the program.
  8. Find out the default battery life.
  9. Flash or update while preserving data.
  10. Remove the password from the phone after flashing.

There are many advantages that 3u tools have in their arsenal that may not be possible All of them are mentioned in this post, which explains the process of flashing and updating.

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How to flash iPhone phones 3utools?

  • Download the program from the official website to get the latest version from here 3utools.
  • Install the program on the computer in the usual way to install programs.
  • Turn off the phone and enter DFU mode.
  • Connect the phone to the computer.
  • The program will recognize the phone required to be flashed.
  • Choose the flash version through the program and by the phone.
  • Download the flash drive from the program and wait for the download to finish.
  • From the program, click on the word FLASH.
  • The program will fully flash the phone and take some time.
  • After flashing, the phone will boot by itself.Set up the phone to access the main menu.
  • Flashing has been successful.

What is required before you start flashing the iPhone?

There are some important things before you start flashing, you should pay attention to, I will arrange them for you according to priority and importance:
  1. Ensure that you do not have an iCloud on the phone or own it.
  2. Make sure the battery is charged more than 50%.
  3. Use an original cable.
  4. Make sure you have fast internet.
  5. Make sure you have iPhone drivers on your computer.

The way to flash the iPhone will become easier after you see the image that was done Through which the full explanation of the way to flash and follow what was mentioned above and this is the picture:

How to flash iPhone phones 3utools?

This was the best and fastest way to flash an iPhone, and do not forget that the download speed plays a big role in the flashing speed, it usually takes 20 minutes.

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