frp bypass samsung a51 new method 2022

Samsung a51 FRP bypass new method 2022


We all know what a Google account is and how much suffering we have experienced in the past years in dealing with this account on all phones and all Android versions, so I will share with you the latest loophole to bypass the Google account.

frp bypass samsung a51 new method 2022

This problem occurs when doing a factory reset of the phone as a result of forgetting the security code or pattern. If the phone has a Google account protection, this computer will be requested after the hard reset process.

This vulnerability is valid with all Android versions and for all Samsung phones, except for some phones that carry a Qualcomm processor. This vulnerability may not work in some or all of them.

To note, this loophole has been supported by both free and paid tools, and there is no difference in implementing any of them. I will leave you the links to download the free tools at the end of the article with a video clip from my channel to be applied more accurately.


This method relies on activating the debug mode, which is called one-click activation through one of these programs, then pressing from the phone, and through an emergency call *#0*#, the phone will enter the test mode.

So you will download the free tool on the PC, install it and open it, and this is easy for you because it does not require as much experience as any program you have previously installed.

Things to consider when doing FRP bypass Samsung a51:

  • Install the Smart Switch program, which manages Samsung phones and contains drivers.
  • Charge the battery at least 30%.
  • Use an original cable.
  • Make sure to enter the phone mtp.
  • Now you are ready.

FRP bypass Samsung a51 steps:

  • Open the pre-installed Bypass tool.
  • Click on Reset Google Account from the tool.
  • Wait until you are asked to enter *#0*# through an emergency call.
  • Enter the code above.
  • You will see that the phone is in Test Mode.
  • The program will activate USB debugging.
  • Press on the phone to activate this mode.
  • The FRP bypass will be done in seconds.
  • Set up the phone.
  • Then it is preferable to do a hard reset, this is better.
  • All done.

How to FRP bypass Samsung a51?

As I mentioned to you at the beginning of the blog, this method works with all Samsung Galaxy phones, regardless of the type of processor, provided that the phone enters when entering the code above into Test Mode, and this method does not work with any phones with a Qualcomm processor.

Follow this video on my channel and use any other tool and apply the steps as they are in the explanation, you need to activate the developer’s option only and then bypass Google account.

We will use a powerful program that has been tested on many Samsung phones called:


The download link with how the program works is in this video from my YouTube channel and do not forget to subscribe.

you can use this tool insted:S-TECH FREE TOOL V5

Also you can use this free tool:ROM2Box V2.8 Free

Download smart switch and drivers


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