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HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 driver download 2022

USB COM 1.0 driver download

USB COM 1.0 driver:There is no doubt that everyone knows the importance of drivers for a computer in general, whether they are Home users, meaning personal use, or were they in a company or technicians Software for Cell Phones Drivers problems should always be fixed.

no matter how minor Because it negatively affects the performance of the computer in general.

In general, there are two parts to the definition and they are closely related to the overall performance For the computer so that we can use it fully without any problems, namely:

Basic Definition: It is the definition of the hardware components that each computer contains.
Sub definition: It is the definition of tools that are later entered into the computer.

Basic definition: It has several ways to deal with it, depending on the type of computer Desktop or laptop and often when you buy a new computer that contains an accessory It can be a CD or direct support from the manufacturer, and software can be used Various drivers such as BIT Driver.

Sub-definition: Depends on providing the appropriate definition of this substance and not using More than one definition at the same time so as not to fall into the problems of conflicting definitions in the computer Which leads to the inability to deal with this plug-in.


Today, we are talking about the definition of Huawei phones that carry the Kirin processor, which is It is the most prevalent in Huawei phones.

What is the definition of USB COM.1? How can it be accessed?

USB COM 1. Definition for Huawei phones that carry the named processor HISILICON (KIRIN) as it is owned by Huawei and is the most widespread Among Huawei phones, especially modern ones.

How do I get into usb com.1 mode?

Entering it through the test point, after you unpack the back phone and connect two test point using the normal USB cable Recently, Huawei, and after the emergence of the new Harmony system, following its dispute with the company US Google closes this definition only using the harmonic cable modified.

Download the correct driver for HUAWEI USB COM.1 mode for Huawei phones.

Download the driver from this link HUAWEI USB COM.1

In the event of a problem with the definition, this is the best definition and has been approved by the tools Paid, on top of which is the sigma and chimera box, where you will define Manually from Device Manager, move the definition to the appropriate path, in the following order:

  • Click with the mouse on the right.
  • Then update driver.
  • Then choose to update from the computer.
  • Go to the profile path.
  • Then next.
  • It will work for you 100%.

Here is a video from my channel that explains the complete method:

usb com.1 driver

Note: If this method does not work, you must follow this video carefully.


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