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Download S-Tech MTK Tool 5.0 Free Tool

S-Tech MTK Tool 5.0 Free Tool

S-TECH MTK TOOL V5.0:Free Tool Allows Unlock User, FRP, Factory Reset, Format Data (Format User Data), Secure Format (Data Keep), Erase Frp (All Mtk), Erase Frp (Samsung) and Bootloader Unlock and Bootloader Relock and unlock permanently.

The tool is free to activate and there is no need to activate it or buy anything completely free.

S-Tech MTK Tool 5.0 Free Tool

The new update, from s-tech tool, added new features that help you unlock or flash MediaTek & Qualcomm phones. Now the tool also supports Samsung FRP bypass, I checked the file and it was found to be virus-free, you can try to post the result in the comments section.

Recently, many free tools have appeared that support several powerful things in smartphone software, and this is one of the most powerful tools that have been tested on more than one brand and proven to be the strongest. So I advise you to get acquainted with its characteristics and get acquainted with them in this article.

Supported phones in s-tech tool

- oppo
- samsung
- vivo
- realmi
- xiaomi 
- infinix
- lenovo 
- huawei
- asus
- meizu
- tecno
- other MTK

Supported operations in s-tech


Factory Reset.
Safe Format [KEEP DATA] | PARA, MISC.
Authentication Bypass.
Unlock Bootloader.
Relock Bootloader.
Permanently Unlock.


Erase FRP [ALL MTK].
Samsung FRP [ALL MTK].
Xiaomi Account Erase [ALL MTK].


VIVO V23e Demo Remove.

What's new in s-tech?

VIVO/ OPPO Qualcomm.

*WIPE Data.
*FRP Removed.
*WIFI Fix (Method 1 to 3).
*Format (Unlock).
*MI Account Bypass.

New Samsung FRP Via Test Mode:
* Get Port.
*Erase FRP By Shell.
*Enable ADB.
*Erase FRP By Files.

Samsung FRP old Version:

 *Port Scan.
*Erase FRP.
*Supported Exynos and Qualcomm Chip Mode.
*Samsung FRP Method 1 OR 2.

How to install S-tech tool?

  • First, you need to download the tool from the below link.
  • Next, you need to extract the tool with WinRAR/7zip tool.
  • Next, you need to open the folder.
  • Next, run the “S-Tech MTK Tool.
  • Next, run the tool as admin and wait to open the tool, it takes only a few seconds for executing the tool on your computer.
  • Next, it is asked for a login password to open the tool simply enter "MATODUWOLO". hit a login button to open the tool the login pass need for the first time only.
  • Enjoy the tool.

You can review these powerful capabilities in the s-tech v5 tool, which I advise you to keep on your computer and take advantage of it during all these operations for various smart and modern phones.

I always advise smart phone software technicians to acquire powerful tools to be able to complete work quickly and efficiently, and this is one of the tools that I recommend to everyone.

Video from my channel explaining the tool:s-tech mtk tool v5

Download link S-Tech MTK Tool 5.0


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