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Huawei hard reset android 9 to android 12 without pc

Hard resets Huawei With or without a PC (recovery mode)

Hard Reset Huawei Y5p: Sometimes we need to format our phones to get rid of some errors that lie in the system or that we made during our use of smartphones. In this article, we will learn how to format Huawei phones from Android 9 to Android 12.

How to enter recovery mode?

Note:  hard reset will erase all data from the phone so you may need to back up your files. Be careful.

Why do we need a hard reset smartphone?

It requires some caution while formatting, and we may have to do this procedure in many cases, for several reasons, the most important of which I will mention to you:

*System glitch: As you know, these phones use Android system, which is applications, If some applications malfunction, we will definitely need formats.

*Forgetting the password or pattern: These phones operate with a high security system, and when the password or pattern is lost, we will have to format the phone.

*The desire to increase the speed of the phone: When it slows down, we need a hard reset to increase the speed of the phone.Because it will return to the factory setting.

*Hang on the logo: In this case, we may be able to get the phone back to work again and we will not need the software.

How to Hard Reset Huawei Phones?

There are two ways to format Huawei phones:

First: If the phone is working normally.

The second method: If the phone does not work, such as hang or locked by security code or password.
First method:its easy just go sit-in-factory reset-reset all settings.This well erases all data be carfull.
second method:there are tow ways to hard reset huawei phone:
1-With PC.
2-Without PC.
1- WITH PC:easy way you well have to do this stips:

  1. Tern off phone and wait 5 s.
  2. Press volume up.
  3. Insert cable.
  4. Wait 5 second.
  5. You well see recovery mode.
  6. Select Clear Data.
  7. Factory Reset.
  8. Type YES.
  9. Factory Reset.
  10. All done.
  11. press back.
  12. restart.

Thats all we need to factory reset all Huawei android 9 and above with PC.
If i dont have PC how can i hard reset my Huawei phone?

  1. Power off phone.
  2. Wait 5s.
  3. Press volume up+power key about 5s.
  4. You well see recovery mode.
  5. Select Clear Data.
  6. Factory Reset.
  7. Type YES.
  8. Factory Reset.
  9. All done.
  10. Press back.
  11. Restart.

These are two pictures"recovery mode" to help you master the method of formatting Huawei phones. Just follow the instructions as shown in the picture.

Huawei hard reset android 9 to android 12 without pc

Huawei hard reset android 9 to android 12 without pc

This is all we need to format Huawei phones for all Android versions starting from Android 9 to Android 12, and do not forget to keep the files because this method will erase all files from the phone.

Watch this video from my channel:


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