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poco m3 and redmi 9t deadboot after update fix

 Poco m3 and Redmi 9t  fix dead after update

With the spread of two phones from Xiaomi, namely: POCO M3 and Redmi 9T, which carry reasonable specifications and an economical price.

Over the past year, users of these two phones are surprised by their dead after the automatic update, and we talk in this article about how to repair the two phones in the same way as with one of these two phones.

After the emergence of this factory defect (dead boot), undoubtedly. Which sometimes happens when manufacturing some phones, not only Xiaomi, but many companies due to an error during the manufacture of the phone because manufacturers are human and make mistakes. Applies to Redmi 9t Continue with this article.

Scientific analysis according to senior technicians in the Arab world:

The error lies in the presence of a metal casing that covers the area responsible for charging, with its components that regulate charging and delivery with the computer at the same time, and this casing does not have a ventilation or cooling hole. The phone enters a mode called edl.

What is edl status? How does the phone get into this mode?

(EDL mode): EDL or Emergency DownLoad Mode

Android phones and tablets equipped with Qualcomm chipset contain a special boot mode which could be used force-flash firmware files for the purpose of unbreaking or restoring the stock ROM.

This means: This mode is for the Qualcomm processor, and it is a special mode that is entered in emergency mode to be able to write a factory ROM called Stock ROM. To revive the phone after losing the phone's boot and it applies to all companies, not just Xiaomi.

In the normal situation, if we want to enter a phone with a Qualcomm processor into edl mode. we will open the phone and connect the test points and connect the phone with the computer. There is also a special driver for this mode that appears in the device manager qualcomm qd 9008.

How to repair Redmi 9T POCO M3 phone?

After all this, I will give you the final solution to fix the dead Poco M3 and Redmi 9T after autoupdate. With simple steps backed by pictures and videos so that the matter becomes clear and completely and easy, follow this article.

  • Open the phone by removing the back pack.
  • Release the screws from the board cover.
  • Disconnect the battery, monitor, and network cords.
  • Release the board from the body.
  • The opposite side of the board finds the charging components.
  • Using a moderately low heat, remove the cap from the charging components.
  • Do nothing else, just remove the cap.
  • Follow the next two pictures before removing the cover and after removing it.

First picture: Before repairing the phone and after removing the board.

Redmi 9T and POCO M3 deadboot (How to fix)

Second picture: After repairing the phone.

Redmi 9T and POCO M3 deadboot (How to fix)

Redmi 9T and POCO M3 deadboot (How to fix)

If we notice the slight difference between the occurrence of the problem and after fixing the defect. This is what you will do only remove the cover and do not tamper with these components shown in the second picture. Which, come under the cover causing the defect as a result of excessive heat during charging and use.

Warnings ๐Ÿ™: Please follow these tips while working on the phone.

1-Before disassembling the phone, check it on the computer. If you find that the phone enters the edl mode automatically this is the solution. If it does not enter, the problem may be greater than that, for example, the phone may have been subjected to a strong shock or exposure to liquids. You must determine the type of problem before proceeding with reform.

2-During decoding the back of the phone, be careful not to damage the fingerprint because it is connected to the back in a way that may result in damage if you are not careful.

3-When removing the cover, use low heat, not exceeding 350 degrees, to avoid damage to components around or opposite the charging area.

Here are some useful links from inside the blog for the benefit read it before you leave:

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Not only that, here is a video to repair the Poco M3 phone by following this method in the Redmi 9t phone"


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