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ROM2Box V2.4 Free Tool

Download ROM2Box V24

ROM2Box V2.4: A free tool, one of the best tools that has been programmed by software specialists. It supports many modern brands and processors, such as Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo and Realme. It also supports MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Spreadterm processors.

The most important thing that distinguishes this tool is that it is light on the computer and does not need to be installed like other tools, just put it in a special file and open it. It has also been checked for viruses and it has been found that it is free of any malicious programs and that is why I recommend it to everyone to take advantage of it when needed.

ROM2Box V2.4 Free Tool 2022

ROM2Box V2.4: is a Free GSM Tool by ROMProvider, The tool Support Multi brands like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei and Realme. it's Free tool For MTK QCOM, & SPD Devices.

ROM2Box V2.4 Premium MTK Qcom SPD:

MediaTek  Features:

Auth Bypass
FRP bypass
full flash
Read Full Firmware & Partitions
Unlock/Relock bootloader
Repair IMEI
QCOM Features:
Read Firmware
Flash firmware
Bypass FRP
Bypassed Mi account
Repair IMEI
Spreadtrum Features:
Change Log:

Added support for:

  • Nokia_2.1 EDL
  • lenovo A6010 EDL
  • ZTE Blade-V9 EDL
  • OnePlus Nord N20 5G(EDL)
  • Samsung SM-A105F, Galaxy A72 (EDL)
  • HTC desire 20 plus (EDL)
  • Asus Z012D,  ZB450KL (EDL)
  • meziu Note8 (EDL)
  • LG G5, V60 (EDL)

MTK Update:

Execute method= command lines
Features Status
MTK FRP bypass
MTK Pattern user lock bypass 
MTK Flash Single partition 
MTK full flash 
MTK Read Full Firmware & Partitions 
MTK Prepare Firmware for SP tool extract using 7zip
MTK unlock/Relock bootloader 
MTK bypass Mi account.

Qualcomm Update:

QCOM Read Firmware 
QCOM flash firmware 
QCOM bypass FRP 
QCOM bypass Mi account 
QCOM bypass pattern
QCOM Repair IMEI it can but Not Included
MTK Repair IMEI it can but Not Included
MTK SP Flash tool Yes
Driver Included No

Spreadtrum Update:

Spreadtrum flash .
Samsung Flash MTK+QCOM only (test point require)
Download agent package Addition 4GB 1000+devices
XIAOMI QCOM 79+ smartphones
Vivo QCOM 25+ smartphones
Oppo QCOM 51+ smartphones
Xiaomi MTK ALL (excluding new)
VIVO MTK ALL (excluding new)
Oppo QCOM ALL (excluding new)
ROM2Box V2.4 Premium Qualcomm Tool,
ROM2Box V2.4 Premium MTK Tool,
ROM2Box V2.4 Premium SPD Tool,
MTK AUTH Bypass.

The way to run the tool on the computer is in several simple steps and does not require experience because the tool is in an .exe format and does not need to be installed like other programs. Follow the steps:

  • Download the tool from the link below the video.
  • Use WINRAR decompression software.
  • Unzip the tool.
  • Through the file that is created you will find the tool inside.
  • Run the tool as an administrator.
  • The tool has been successfully launched.



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