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create google account sign up from phone

How to google account sign up?

Everyone seeks to own a Google account. This is good because all applications and games and all you need are in one place, which is the Google Play Store. To have a Google account, you must have an Android phone because this account only works with Android versions, If you do not know how to create an account, you are in the right place.

create google account sign up from phone

If you want to create an account on the Google Play Store, it means that you have got countless applications and they are constantly growing because many programmers create applications on a daily basis and are added to the Google Play Store. Most of these applications are free because their owners offer them advertisements to earn money from them.

If the Google Play store is considered one of the basic requirements if you own a smartphone running the Android system for all versions of Android except for the old ones, which are no longer available in Google services, unfortunately, and you will search and find almost everything that comes to your mind, so you do not need to search for a game or application outside of Google Play.

Types of google accounts

A Google account contains three types of accounts:

  1. Google account for myself: It means that it is your personal account.
  2. My child's Google account: You can control your child's phone remotely and know the account of one of the parents, Family link.
  3. Google My Business account: means an account for companies and organizations used for commerce and marketing.

Before we start creating a Google account, we have to know some of the benefits of a Google account and what is the need to have an account because such an account we have to keep it well for long times and we will rely on it to store our important files and through it we can retrieve them at any time if we add the account to a phone else.

What are the benefits of creating a Google account?

  • Make the most of the google play store.
  • Download our favorite apps that are added daily.
  • Download games that we really want to enjoy playing.
  • Keep a backup copy of the files on the phone such as contacts, photos, videos, and documents.
  • Complete security of any malicious applications because Google protects these applications from tampering, according to its strict policy.

google account, create a new account

There are two ways to create a Google account and they do not differ from each other only is the difference in the place:

  • The first from the phone: It is newly in this article and is the most widespread.
  • The second from the computer: We will talk about it in a later post and it will be available through this article.

How to create a Google account from the phone?

This method is considered the most common among Android phone owners to use it on a daily basis. When we buy a smartphone running an Android system, after preparing the phone for an initial setup, we directly seek to create a Google account for immediate access to the Google Store and the installation of basic applications on it.

Steps to create a Google account

  1. go to settings and from there to accounts and sync and the store icon can be opened, but I prefer this method.
  2. Click on add account.
  3. You find many accounts choose google.
  4. There is a login from a previous account or create an account. If you have an account, enter it.
  5. If you do not have a Google account, click on Create an account.
  6. There are three options:

  • For myself.
  • for my child.
  • To run my business.

  1. Choose for myself if you want the normal account.
  2. Fill in the required information Name and Last Name.
  3. Next, choose your date of birth and gender and make sure the information is accurate, especially the date of birth.
  4. Next, create an email and let it be letters and numbers that are easy to memorize and you may find suggestions for the account name.
  5. Next, enter the password and let it be somewhat strong so that it is not hacked.
  6. Next, enter your phone number, which is optional. If you want to link the account to your phone number, this is better or skip.
  7. Next, the account has been created, the policies remain approved and the account has been created successfully.
You now have a Google account and you can enjoy all the advantages of Google services and cannot be dispensed with in Android phones, which can add the account to another phone and happy data if you activate the sync through the current account, so I give you some tips to keep your account safe from hacking.

Tips to keep your Google account safe from hacking

  • Accurately add all the data during account creation.
  • When you add to Gmail, add letters and numbers that are easy to save for you, such as your name, date of birth, or any number that you do not forget over time.
  • Add a password that is also easy to memorize and strong at the same time and type between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Keep the Gmail with your important papers if necessary and be afraid of forgetting it over time.
  • Add your phone number which will not change soon.
  • Beware of intruders from tampering with your phone while you are present or not.
  • Add a screen protection to a phone such as fingerprint, password, code or pattern.
  • Know that your phone contains your private things, so do not share them with anyone you do not trust.

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