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Format Samsung A137(A13) Format /Entering recovery mode Without pc

Entering recovery mode Samsung A13 Wipe data.

Samsung a137f format (hard reset) using volume keys without a computer. The Samsung A13 phone, which runs on Android 12, is considered one of the modern phones that were manufactured by Samsung.

Click here if you need frp bypass.

Samsung A137(A13)Hard Reset/Entering recovery mode Without pc

Which carries a MediaTek processor that contains modern protection and the method of formatting Samsung a137 works with all Samsung phones that work MediaTek processor.

If you forgot the passcode, security code, or phone pattern, or the security code was requested instead of the fingerprint after restarting your phone, you are forced to format (Hard Reset)your phone.

And reset the factory data from the recovery mode to be able to use your phone again, yes that is possible without using a computer or going to Software technician.

Before doing a hard reset on your phone, make sure of a few things.

  1. You should be aware that the phone will ask for a FRP (google account) after the format.
  2. The battery must be charged at least 30%.
  3. The volume down and up buttons should work fine.
  4. All phone data will be erased, names, photos or videos.
When you forget your phone code, you will have difficulty locking the phone by pressing the power key for 5 seconds, a list will appear containing the phone shutdown and restart, if you choose to turn off the phone.

The phone will ask you to enter the code that you forgot so you will not be able to turn off the phone, do not worry I will guide you to a method Turn off the phone even with a security code.

How to turn off the phone in a forced or coercive way?

Press the power key and the volume down key for 5-7 seconds, the phone will reboot itself automatically, but if you want to turn off the phone without restarting, you have to connect a USB cable or a charger, the phone will enter charging mode after the forced shutdown through the power key and volume down key.

How to format a Samsung phone from recovery?

As you note in the title, if you want to wipe the phone data (Wipe data factory reset), you must access the recovery mode exclusively so that you can factory reset your phone, what is the recovery mode we are talking about in a simple way.

What is the recovery mode in Samsung phones?

The recovery mode on Samsung phones is used for two main things:

  1. Knowing the ROM data, including the full name of the phone, protection and Android version.
  2. The ability to format the phone, factory reset and cash partition files.

How to format a Samsung phone (a137f) a13?

Follow these steps in order until you can access the recovery mode to format your phone:

  • Press the power key and the volume down key together for about 5 seconds.
  • The phone will reboot itself automatically.
  • Quickly release the power and volume down keys.
  • Quickly re-press the power key and volume up this time, not volume down.
  • When the first logo appears, release the power key and volume up.
  • Wait a few seconds and the phone will appear in recovery mode, which contains more than one option.
  • Using the volume down key, go to wipe data.
  • Now press the power key to move to the next option.
  • We note that there are two options, namely cancel and reset to the original settings.
  • Using the volume down key, navigate to Reset to original settings.
  • Press the power key to select the format.
  • Wait a few seconds and the phone will return to recovery mode, noting that there are writings in white.
  • These writings indicate that the factory reset has been successful.
  • From the menu that appears in front of you and the first option Reboot System Now, press the Power key.
  • The phone will reboot itself and all data has been erased from the phone and returned to factory mode.

This is how you can access the recovery mode and format Samsung phones without a computer. Also, this method is valid for all Samsung phones, regardless of the type of processor.

You can try the method on any phone except for phones that work with the home key or the key at the bottom of the screen.

Here is a video if this method did not work, which is an illustration of what was mentioned in the article, so that you can access the recovery mode and reset your phone to factory settings.


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