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bypass google account (frp)samsung a13

google account samsung a13 a137 free

Samsung a13 bypass Google account verification (samsung frp bypass) after formatting (android 12 newAndroid 11 The latest version and the latest protection for free The best tool to bypass Google account for Samsung phones easily.

How to bypass google verification, When you don’t remember the Gmail ID and passwords? If that’s the issue, then you have landed on the right page. Scroll down as this post will explain how to bypass google account verification after reset.

I have an Android device that I use every day, and it is linked to my Google account. The issue is that I lost the password for that Google account.Now I need to know the ways on how to bypass Google account verification or the factory reset protection (frp)that came with my phone. How do I fix this error?
If you need format a13 press here:Samsung a137 a13 format without PC.

We always try to search for the latest vulnerabilities for Android systems in all versions, after these vulnerabilities are constantly closed by the manufacturers, and today we will explain how to bypass the Google account for all Samsung phones in general and the Samsung a137 (a13) phone in particular for free.

How do I bypass a Google account?

The Google account for Android systems is closed continuously in order to preserve the customer’s information and the contents of the phone. If the phone is lost or stolen, no one will be able to enter the phone except by entering the password or formatting the phone. If the phone is formatted, it will ask you to enter the Google account to the phone.

This is what the phone owner does not know, whether the official owner or not. If he is not able to enter the Google account, he will not be able to use the phone and he must bypass the account. And here is the problem. Can the Google account be bypassed? The answer is yes, as there are more than one way to bypass the Google account.

whats frp?

In this article, we will take an overview of the latest method of bypassing a Google account using a free tool that will enable you to activate the developer mode, including usb debugging, after which many operations can be performed on the phone easily.

How to bypass a Google account after formatting?

We will use a free tool that has been tested on many Samsung phones and works 100% as long as the phone accepts the code *#0*# through an emergency call, enter this code, and after this code access the test mode screen.

Explanation and download of SamFw FRP Tool 3.31.

How to bypass google account after format?

  • Open SamFw FRP Tool 3.31.
  • From the test mode, click on Remove FRP.
  • Connect the phone to the computer and check the MTB driver.
  • If you need to identify the phone, through the MISC tab in the tool, install it on the computer.
  • From the start screen of the Samsung A137 A13 or any other phone, open an emergency call.
  • Enter the following code *#0*#.
  • The TEST MODE screen will now appear.
  • Wait a moment for the tool to activate USB debugging.
  • The phone will enter the Device Manager into ADB mode, and this is what is required for the method to work.
  • Agree on the phone to activate.
  • Complete the phone setup and the Google account has been successfully bypassed.

bypass google account samsung a13

As we mentioned, there are some Samsung phones that do not accept entering the test mode through an emergency call, and therefore we will not be able to use this method to bypass the Google account, including a21s + a03 and others.

But it is a limited number compared to the widespread Samsung phones, so look for other ways for these phones.

download top samsung frp tools


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this is how to bypass samsung frp a13 a137f. and this is the best way for all Samsung devices the last protection.


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