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How to Bypass FRP and mi account (mi assistant)

 A new way to bypass the Xiaomi account and the Google account.

A heavy-caliber surprise: Bypassing the Xiaomi Mi account and Google account(FRP) for all Xiaomi phones Android 11 and Android 12 without unlocking the phone without testpoint through the recovery mode, what is known as the mi assistant mode.

This is the title of this article. Is it a surprise? I hope you benefit from it enough to be able to bypass the shutdown of  Xiaomi phone, Redmi, and Poco at the expense of Xiaomi, which tired programmers and technicians.

How to Bypass FRP and mi account (mi assistant)

The last update was on 9/26/2022 for the unlock tool. A Xiaomi account and Google account bypass was added to all Xiaomi phones. The update stated the following:


Sideload mode with mi assistant, support qualcomm + Mediatek version android 11, 12

- Generic auto no need select models:

- Reset | Disable Mi Cloud No Relock (Qualcomm).

- Enable Mi Cloud(Qualcomm)>>New.

- Erase FRP.

- Format Data.

- Read Info.

- Reset Micloud (Mediatek)>>New.

- Read Imei (mtk 4G only)>>New.

- Read Micloud State>>New.

- Wipe EFS.

- Write Persist>>New.

Over the past years, and through dealing with Xiaomi phones, we have always been tired of the Xiaomi account, and all the available methods were in ways that require a lot of effort and fatigue. Opening the phone to connect the phone uses the Test Point, and this is what the phone owner sometimes not accepts.

Through the available servers, the Xiaomi account is permanently deleted, but this method is expensive and requires payments, and is not always available. Sometimes, even if the owner of the phone agrees to it, the service stops suddenly, but with the Unlock Tool, it became easier.

Steps to bypass the xiaomi unlocktool account.

  1. Open the Unlock Tool.
  2. Choose mi from the main menu above.
  3. Choose recovery for xiaomi mi phones.
  4. Put your Xiaomi phone into recovery mode with these steps.
  5. Press the Power key and the Volume Up key for five seconds.
  6. When the recovery menu appears, use the Volume Down key to navigate.
  7. Choose mi assistant.
  8. Connect the phone to the computer.
  9. Make sure of the correct identification from the device manager.
  10. Now through the Unlock Tool, choose the sideload reset disable mi cloud and click on it.
  11. Wait for the Xiaomi account to be bypassed through the tool.
  12. Result The operation was completed successfully.

This is the correct way to bypass a Google account and a Xiaomi account through the Unlock Tool, the latest update 26-9-22, and for this I have provided you with this article, which I hope you will like and that you can complete it in the best way possible.

How to enter recovery mode xiaomi phones.

  • Turn off the phone for five seconds.
  • Press the power key and the volume up key.
  • Wait a bit until you see several options on the phone screen.
  • By pressing the volume down key, go to Connect with miassistant.
  • Press the power key, the phone will enter update mode(mi assistant).
Accessing the recovery mode, making Xiaomi software, and identifying Xiaomi in this article in detail: miflash pro.

The fact that Unlock Tool is wonderful and deserves respect for what it offers to technicians all over the world. That is why I recommend it to everyone for its good additions and continuous updates.

A few days ago, the tool was updated for Samsung phones and bypassed the Google account through the well-known emergency loophole. It was tested on a phone that does not accept the developer option activation and it did a great job as it succeeded in bypassing the Xiaomi account and the Google account.

Explanation of the new method: Samsung FRP bypass new method.

From my YouTube channel, I explain how to bypass the Xiaomi Unlock Tool account.


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