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How to flash iphone apple by itunes tool?

Software Iphone with itunes

Itunes (Itunes downloads) is a program for flashing IPHINE phones, as we all know, and it is the program through which we can completely determine the faults of iPhone phones by 90%. It can also solve all software problems for iPhone , whether commenting on the opening or forgetting the code, and other such problems.

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How to flash iphone apple by itunes tool?

What is itunes software?

The iPhone manager program allows you to use free and without restrictions to manage your iPhone, backup your phone files, update or reinstall the system, and manage your private files such as videos, music, photos, and more.

In this article, we will learn how to make iPhone software through the iTunes program with simple and easy steps, and the explanation has been written and video so that it is easier for you to update or write software for a phone, so follow the steps with focus.

Steps to flash iPhone phones with iTunes

  1. Download the program from the official website with the latest version of ITUNES.
  2. Connect the phone in a mode known as recovery.
  3. Download the software through the program.
  4. Choose the appropriate method for the software.
  5. Continue flashing until the phone takes off.
  6. Thus, we have completed the software.

We come to take a look at these steps in detail to avoid making mistakes and completing the software through the iTunes program:

First: Download the program from the official website: To get the latest version of the program, do not download it from other sources, download from here:  ITUNES.

What products does iTunes support?

The program supports all related products and they are of two types:
1- Windows.
2- The Mac system.
You can choose what suits your computer system through the download site.

What is the iPhone recovery mode?

In a nutshell: It is the situation that allows the iTunes program and any other programs to access system files and modify them, as is the case with the rest of the other systems in terms of modification to the internal systems of phones in general.


In general, this recovery mode is accessed by turning off the phone, pressing the home button and inserting the USB cable. The method differs from one phone to another depending on the presence of the home button or not. For phones that do not have the home, the volume down or volume up key is often pressed and the cable is inserted after a tie by computer.

How to flash iphone by itunes tool?  كيفية تفليش هواتف ايفون

How to download system files from itunes?

After the previous steps, the options for flashing appear before you start downloading the flash. Choose one of them based on the problem you want to solve and we will separate it shortly.

Then the program will start downloading the software file on the computer. The download speed and time varies depending on your Internet speed because the size of the software is large and you need high speed.

Choose the software version.

We cannot choose the version often, as the program will download the latest version and write it on the phone, unless the software has been downloaded to the computer and selected through the iTunes program manually.

Types of software.

We mentioned that we will be informed of the method of flashing, and there are two types of flashing:

  • Upgrading the current software is known as (UPGRADE).
  • Rewrite the software again what is known RESTORE.

The method of flashing is chosen according to the problem of the phone, but simply when you choose the first mode, which is UPGRADE, the phone will not erase the customer’s data and will remain as it is. It will only update the basic system and not even erase the security codes.

As for the second mode, which is restore, this method will erase all client data, codes, and even iCloud, so be careful of having an iCloud account before performing a restore for the iPhone.

Warnings before starting the software:

  1. Availability of a computer with fairly high specifications.
  2. The availability of an original cable, and this is one of the most important things to complete writing the software without errors.
  3. Battery charge more than 50%.
  4. Provides fast internet.

What are the causes of  flashing or software?

  1. Update the system to the latest version.
  2. Wipe protections in case you forget them.
  3. Solve phone problems that are caused by system glitch (software).

And now we have completed flashing the iPhone in the appropriate way, whether we want to update or erase the data and the security code. And you have to wait for some time until the flashing is complete and the phone enters the basic system,

Complete the setup of your phone after it boots to the Hello screen and enter the iCloud until your phone is ready to work.


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