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Samsung M32 (M325F) How To fix Temperature is too low || high?

m32 temperature is too low, charging stoped

If you own a Samsung m32 phone not charge , you may have heard or seen this phrase “phone not charging temperature is too low”. or some other way, as this phrase appeared on some modern like (Samsung m32)  and old Samsung phones alike.

And some maintenance must be done for the charging area until the phone returns to work and charges normally.

Warning!: Your phones temperature is too low, charging stoped!:.Charging has stopped temporarily and you will not be able to charge or use your phone until after this malfunction is fixed.

باللغة العربية ادخل الى هذا المقال:حل مشكلة شحن سامسونج M32 (M325F)

It should be noted that this malfunction is hardware and not software, as some technicians or users of the Samsung m32 phone believe that this malfunction is resolved by a software procedure. because the phone user believes that this reason is unknown, meaning that the malfunction is caused without a reason and this is wrong.

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The temperature of the phone is low or high. This is the phrase that appears in Samsung phones screen. And this means that the phone has stopped working completely. And only the charging signal appears in red or has stopped charging in the event that the phone works perfectly when the charger is inserted.

What are the causes of charging malfunction in Samsung phones?

The problem of the phone temperature is low, the most common among charging malfunctions in Samsung phones. If we exclude the charging base or charging ic in general, then the charging sign does not appear at all or it may appear, but the battery charge does not rise. Which is called fake charging, which is rare and the charging base or easy charging They are often the main causes of fake charging failure.

    1. Charging base: and its malfunction is in two cases, the first is not charging at all (not feeling the charge) and the second is charging fake, that is, the charging signal in the phone does not rise.
    2. IC Charging: It may also cause a complete malfunction of the charging or cause a fake charging.
    3. The rest of the components of the charging set: many of them rarely cause the charger or the dummy charging to be disrespectful.

    Today, in this article, we will talk about the Samsung M325F (M32) phone and the malfunction of the phone’s temperature when the charger is connected. And the details will be through pictures and explanations so that things will be clearer and easier.

    Among the phone maintenance technicians, some of the components that cause malfunctions are known to a large extent. And in this phone in particular and Samsung phones in general (thermal resistance) since this malfunction exists in old and modern phones. in short, we will search for this resistance through the scheme and remove it completely or change it.

    Warning before connecting the bridge: Make sure that you are able to connect these points because any mistake will cause damage to the phone or cause other malfunctions, and this is what we never want.

    In the Samsung Galaxy M32 (M325F) phone, we will do a bridge that connects two points together through an insulating wire. Which is not common in Samsung phones in general, to solve the problem of charging stops, the temperature is too low. We will separate things for you in detail through the pictures.

    How to fix m32(M325F) charging malfunction?

    1- The first picture: shows you the shape of the phone with a charging malfunction and the appearance of a heat signal on the phone screen. This means that the phone is not charging and you will not be able to operate it normally unless the fault is fixed.

    Samsung M325F(M32) not charge

    2- The second picture: It is the place of the first point that we will connect between and the second point. as this point is next to the easy shipping and inside the shipping group. Be careful when removing the bid from this area, so take it off carefully, my dear brother and do not use sharp tools and this will depend on your experience artistic.

    Samsung M325F(M32) not charge fix

    3- The third picture: It is the area of the secondary board known as the ui board. Which holds the charging base and some other duties and shows the location of the resistance that we will connect between it and the first resistance on the main board.

    Fix Samsung M325F(M32) not charge

    4- Fourth picture: This picture shows after connecting the bridge between the two resistances, and the phone has returned to charging again in its normal form. and this is what is required that we can fix these faults without any problem with the phone.

    Samsung M325F(M32) not charge low tempreture

    Dear visitor, this was the best solution to the problem of low or high phone temperature for the Samsung m32 (m325f) phone. I hope that I have been able to help you solve this problem in charging Samsung phones so that you can use the phone perfectly.

    M325F warning!: Your phones temperature is too low, charging stoped!

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