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Samsung frp bypass free samfw tool

 A12 A125F Remove Google account Free samfw.

Samsung a125f /a12 Samsung frp android 11/ android 12 bypasses frp google account/frp tool samsung frp android 11, download top samsung frp tools, adb enable USB debugging *#0*# free samfw tool.

Remove your Google account after formatting Samsung 2022, the latest version of Android 11/Android 12. And activate the developer's option with the samfw free tool, the latest version, through the test mode screen and the code *#0*# with easy and simple steps.

What is frp?

(FRP) Factory Reset Protection: This is the detailed name of this protection. and it means in short that this protection prevents anyone from using the phone and entering it if a factory reset was done illegally. except for a factory reset through the phone, which will require entering a password from the original phone owner.

There have been many ways to bypass the Google account for various modern phones, which of course run on the Android system, starting from Android 5.1 to Android 12. and will continue to the highest versions of Android, and this protection represented a shadow for technicians and users alike. I will present to you the latest, best, and fastest way to bypass Google accounts.

We will rely on a free tool, which is one of the best free tools available in the market, and we also rely on the latest way to bypass, which is to activate the developers' option by pressing from the phone on *#0*#, which is the latest for Samsung phones.

Requirements to bypass Google Account?

  • the computer that we depend on it to operate the tool used and connect the phone.
  • A locked phone Google account includes 85% of Samsung phones.
  • USB cable, original or good quality.
  • The charging base is working properly and has been checked.
  • Free program to complete the process.

Steps to bypass Google Account?

  1. Download the SamFirm tool from here samfw.
  2. Install the tool on the computer and the explanation method with the download link.
  3. Open the tool and click on Remove FRP (Aug 2022 security).
  4. Now the phone is on the start screen or language screen.
  5. Connect the phone to the computer through the cable.
  6. Make sure to put the mtb of the phone in the device manager.
  7. Open an emergency call and press *#0*#.
  8. This is what the tool will ask from you after giving the order from the tool.
  9. The tool will enable developer option and usb debugging.
  10. Shows on the phone to allow or cancel, press allow.
  11. The tool bypasses the Google account and restarts the phone.
  12. Now your google account has been successfully bypassed.

Follow this picture that shows all the steps in the tool and the phone:

Samsung frp bypass free tool

Important note: some Samsung phones do not accept the code *#0*# and it is very few.  including a21s and some types that work with a Qualcomm processor often. and this means that when you press the symbol after opening an emergency call from the start screen, the phone will not enter test mode, and this prevents the developer option from activating in the phone.

This was the best way to bypass the Google account for all Samsung phones with the best free tools and experience on the Samsung Galaxy A12 phone. I hope that I have succeeded in explaining the method. For any inquiries, do not hesitate to write it in the comments.

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watch this video:How to bypass frp.

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Download samfw free tool


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