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How to bypass Huawei ID (account) Without loss OEM info

Huawei ID Remove Unlock Tool 2022

Bypass Huawei account MediaTek processors Unlock tool: These phones carry high protections and may cause the loss of the “OEM info” routing file in some cases if a different method or tool is used.

This suffers by many technicians or users of Huawei phones, not only the MediaTek processor, but The rest of the treatments, and it is necessary to retrieve the guidance file if we want to return the phone to work again normally.

This article will show you the importance of the router file for the phone in an accurate way, how it works, and what are the disadvantages of losing the "OEM" file

Find out the routing file with this article: HUAWEI OEM INFO

Through my long experience with this tool, I see that it is the best and easiest way to bypass the Huawei account for MediaTech processors, and we will see this through this article.

There are some boxes or dongles, after removing the Huawei account, the phone loses the direction and one or more steps are required to restore it. Either this tool can bypass the Huawei account safely.

If you lost the router file from your phone, here are all the router files so you can restore the OEM file to your phone:


For the success of the Huawei account bypass method, you must install the libusb driver on your computer.

In order for the Unlock Tool to bypass this protection, and if the MediaTek processor driver is not installed, the tool will not be able to read the phone data.which will cause the bypass process to fail, so download this program and install it on your computer. I will leave you the program link at the bottom of this article.

Huawei dra-lx9 y5p phone does not matter the security version because bypassing will be safe and for all protections. Here is the test point because we will use it during bypassing the Huawei account.

How to remove Huawei ID Without loss OEM info

The steps in order are supported by pictures to make it easier for you:

  • Open the Unlock Tool.
  • Choose MTK from the top menu.
  • Below the tool, select Special.
  • Then click on HW REMOVE ID, which means Huawei remove account.
  • You must have released the back of the phone.
  • Check the test point.
  • Remove the battery from the phone.
  • Attach the test point using forceps.
  • Insert the USB cable into the computer and phone.
  • The tool will bypass the account in a few seconds.

Note: This method works in both cases whether you connect the battery or not, and the scatter file was pulled to this phone without connecting the battery after connecting the test points and the process succeeded.

Here is an image to show you how to bypass the Huawei account "Huawei id"and the correct options:

How to remove Huawei ID (account) Without loss OEM info

This was the correct way to bypass the Huawei id MediaTek processor account by  Unlock Tool in detail.You should know that what this article contains also includes all Huawei phones that work with a MediaTek processor such as the Y6P/Y5P and other such specifications.

If you are looking for something special for these phones, just click on the search button and type what you want and you will find what you want in my blog, God willing. Take a small tour of the blog, perhaps you will find something that will benefit you, as it contains most solutions for smart phones.

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Enjoy this video from my YouTube channel

link: libusb driver download


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