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How to turn off talkback?

What is the TalkBack feature and how can it be disabled?

Turn talkback on or off The robotic speaker puts the blind or the visually impaired, God healed them, what is it and how Can it be canceled TalkBack? This is the title of this post.



A program that works on Android phones helps the visually impaired To use the phone by voice, whenever you press one of the options The phone has pronounced this option and comes in the form of an open hand with fingers.

If you do not suffer from poor eyesight and do not need this application here is a way to Pause it temporarily or completely through your phone.

How to disable TALKBACK:

  • Go to settings.
  • Search for TALKBACK.
  • Disable accessibility.
  • You can also go to Applications and disable this application.
Note: If this application has already been activated and you cannot
Entering the phone, there are several ways to return to the normal mode.

Ways to disable the pre-activated TALKBACK?

You are surprised to activate the robotic speaker on your phone and cannot use it. There are two ways:

The first method: pressing the power button and raising the volume together for about two seconds.

The second method: Entering the settings and turning it off using two fingers together in the case of navigation Double-clicking on the desired option to access the application that comes on The shape of a hand with open fingers symbolizes STOP 🛑.

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Do not forget, dear, that this mode can be activated spontaneously by pressing the volume up and the power button as well.

These were all the ways to deactivate this mode.

TALKBACK annoys many healthy people, but it remains very 

Useful for those who suffer from poor eyesight.

watch this video Xiaomi

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