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Download MTK META Utility V95 Last Version

Download MTK Auth Bypass Tool

The MTK Meta Utility V95 is a free tool that helps users to flash stock rom and bypass Digital Authentication. Authority (DAA) and Software Licensing Authentication (SLA) on Android devices. It is also used to unlock the device. MTK Meta Utility allows you to flash firmware, SLA authorizes and bypass DAA, and unlock your Android device.

Download MTK Auth Bypass Tool | mtk meta utility v88

How To Use MTK META Utility?

  • Download the MTK META Utility tool from the link below the article.
  • Decompress the file with a file decompression program such as Winrar.
  • From the folder, open the tool.
  • Enjoy using it for free to bypass MediaTek processor protection.
  • It works with windows os 7,10,11.

    What's new in mtk meta v92?

    1. MTK Read [eMMC/UFS] dump via USB (512 MB) [one click].
    2. [Spreadtrum/UniSoC]. PAC firmware extract.
    3. Fixed (OPPO/Realme) [MTK/Qualcomm] ofp extraction procedure.
    4. Auto-combine (repack) super images with multiple regions to save time and space,
    5. the software will auto-merge the first region only from CSV MAP… normally the first region would be the (EU).
    6. Fixed the Android Utils tab (some items were hidden on small screens (laptops)) now fixed.

    What's new in mtk meta v93?

    MTK META Utility V93: 09.03.2023

    Added Xiaomi 11T (Agate) unlock bootloader (all variants) (MIUI12, MIUI13, MIUi14).

    Added new OPPO META support reset option:

    • Oppo F5 (CPH1723, CPH1727, CHP1723, CHP 1727).
    • Oppo F5 Youth (CPH1725).
    • Oppo A83 Pro (MT6763T).
    • Oppo A1 (MT6763T).
    • Oppo A83 (CPH1729, CPH1827).
    • Oppo A73 (CPH2099).
    • Oppo A79 (PBBM00).

    Added new boot repair function for (A037F B1 & B2) - if BROM mode is forced by (PGPT method), and the device has [SEC CTRL STATUS (0)] flag, the device must be recognized by the computer.

    At least (preload port visible), or PMIC detects USB cable.

    This version is packaged without my LOG folder to save time during extraction.

    Meta protocol has been updated (general improvements and improvements).

    MTK META Utility V95

    - added Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (pissarro) one click Bootloader (Unlock/Relock) (All Variants) (MIUI12, MIUI13, MIUI14).

    - added (Spreadtrum/UNISOC) Factory Reset via Diag mode (one click - Auto switch + RESET).

    - added (Spreadtrum/UNISOC) Read INFO via Diag mode.

    - added Samsung Galaxy A22 5G [A226B] BIT[5] one click Dead boot repair via USB, flash (A226BXXU5CWB6) after boot repair.

    - added G532F Force BootROM + Auto Disable Auth (PRELOADER + BROM).

    - a Lot of internal fixes and improvements applied to Samsung boot repair procedure.

    Password: mtk_meta_utility.


    Download the mtk meta utility last version v95

    This is MTK Meta Utility v93. All you need is just download and extract with WinRAR or zip. Here I will always give you the latest version with the most important features of MTK Meta Utility.


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