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mtk meta utility v83

MTK META UTILITY V83 Repair Dead Samsung A326U

The MTK Meta Utility V83 is a small, powerful free tool that helps the user to bypass the protection of your MediaTek processor and write the firmware file.

It allows reviving of dead phones after faulty software. It works with MTK processor and Spreadtrum "unisoc".

dead boot repaire samsung unisoc spd a03,mtk and qualcomm

As we know that many Android smartphones come with protection to prevent unauthorized flashing, which means that you are unable to unlock the screen protection or factory reset without proper tools or permissions.

And with mtk meta utility, authentication protection can be bypassed. Use any program to unlock the file format or flash the ROM firmware.

The mtk meta utility v83 works with all MediaTek phones such as Oppo, Techno, Vivo, Xiaomi, Redmi, Samsung, Infinix, and many MTK phones.

After connecting the phone, the user can be allowed to flash the phone, format, remove the Google account "frp" and repair dead phones after the wrong software.

You can use any tool that supports your media processor such as spflash, unlock tool, eft pro, umt, mrt and cm2 dongle.

mtk meta utility works with all Windows systems 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11, and even XP for 64 and 32 bit.

users can bypass Digital Authentication Authority (DAA) and Software Licensing Authentication (SLA) on MediaTek (MTK) phones.

MTK META New features and improvements

  • Added MTK write [eMMC/UFS] Dump (userarea.bin, LUN2) over USB to help recover dead mode devices.
  • You can use this option to fix dead Samsung A326U BIT8.
  • But take care of the (Calibration / NV) sections (backup first and restore later).

Mtk meta utility v83 This version came with support for several secure boot processors such as Qualcomm and Spreadtrum "unisoc" in addition to mtk.

How to use it?

  • Download the tool from the link below.
  • Open the folder that shows after extracting the zip file.
  • Run tool as administrator.

Download the write drivers file here: mtk drivers.
Download libusb driver here: libusb driver.

Download mtk meta v83

  • Program name: mtk meta utility.
  • Version: v83.
  • License: Free.
  • Size: 70 MB.
  • Developer: Mofadal El-Tayeb.
  • Password:mtk_meta_utility.


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